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The HOW TO section is the manual that gives the detailed description of all the program elements
and interaction among the user, program and computer.
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How to Download SRecorder

SRecorder is free screen capture software.

You need to download the installation file that can be found on the program official site to install SRecorder on your PC.

Type or copy the link SRecorder.com to the browser URL bar, click Enter and the next moment you will see the main page of SRecorder.

After the site has been completely loaded, you will see the button – Download Now. Left-click it and you will be offered to download the installation file on your PC or laptop.

How to Install SRecorder

In order to install SRecorder, run the installation file downloaded from the official site in advanced.

Welcome to the SRecorder  Setup Wizard. You are recommended to shut down all the processes on your PC for the most successful installation. Click Next  to start the installation.

Please, read carefully Terms and Conditions  and License Agreement. If you accept all the items, click Next  to continue the installation.

In the window Additional Tasks, Setup Wizard offers you to:

  • Create a desktop icon
  • Create a Quick Launch icon

This provides quick launch of SRecorder at any time you need it. As you have selected the necessary items, click Next.

The installation doesn’t take much time.

When the SRecorder installation is done, the program automatically runs and you can start capturing and recording your PC screen.

How to Use SRecorder

Congratulations! You have successfully installed SRecorder  on your PC! On this page you will find the detailed information about all the aspects of work with SRecorder  so the program will be clear for you.


SRecorder is automatically added to the Autorun list and will be launched when Windows is starting up. However, if you have removed the program from the Autorun list, you will have to launch it manually.

You can see the SRecorder icons on the desktop and on the Quick Launch panel. Double-click the SRecorder  icon.

At the top part of the screen you can see the SRecorder  Quick Launch button. You can change its position by dragging it to any convenient place on the screen.

The tray also contains the SRecorder  icon that gives access to the main menu.

How to perform a screen capture

You can choose any of two methods to capture and record your screen:

  • Left-click the SRecorder  button. You will see the message Select the area on the screen. Click and hold your left mouse-button to select the area to record. When the area is marked with the dotted line, release the button.
  • Right-click the SRecorder icon in the tray. Select Record video in the main menu. Select the area on the screen as it was described before and release the mouse button.

Video recording

Before you start recording video, you need to make some configurations. If you want to record a video with sound (voice notes), mark the checkbox Record with sound. If you don’t need it, then uncheck this box.

  • At the top left corner of the selected area you can see the video resolution
  • Click Record  to start recording
  • If you want to stop recording process, click the button Close  marked with “Х”.

The recording process has begun. At the lower right corner you can see a timer that shows you the record duration.

Stop recording and saving the video

Click Stop recording  to finish the process.

Click the button Save video to computer on the SRecorder control panel to save the recorded video. On default the video is saved to the folder Documents — Downloads. You can always change the destination path.

The video saved in .МР4 format can be played on any media player which supports this format. You can convert files using additional converters.

Video transferring.

SRecorder offers wide options so you can show the screen records to other users. You can perform all the tasks in the browser or via any messenger.

  • Upload to server

Upload a video to our server to get its link. So, when the record is finished, click Upload video to server on the program control panel. The link will be copied to the clipboard and you can easily send it to other users using any messenger.

  • Share

Post links to your video files in Facebook, Twitter and Google+. And you don’t need to open your browser to do this. Just click Share on the control panel and select a resource to post your link.


In order to see the history of the video you saved on the server using SRecorder, right-click the tray icon and select History.

The menu History offers you the following items:

  • Copy to clipboard;
  • Open link in browser;
  • Remove record.

You can easily find the record you need by the date and time of its creation.

SRecorder settings

SRecorder  can be easily customized for each single user. So, you can configure the program interface:

  • Show/hide record button.

In order to show/hide the SRecorder record button, right-click it and select the necessary task. This option is available in the main menu.

Change interface languages

SRecorder is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. In order to select the necessary interface language, go to the main menu and click Interface language. Now you can select the desired language.

SRecorder shutdown.

In order to shut down the program gracefully, click Close in the main menu.

User support.

If you have questions about SRecorder, please, go to the page SRecorder FAQ. Open the main menu and click FAQ to visit the web-page.

Now, as you have read the SRecorder manual, you can use the program in the most efficient way. Install SRecorder  on office or home computer to facilitate a lot of important tasks.

How to Uninstall SRecorder

We are very sorry you have chosen to uninstall SRecorder.

For successful uninstallation of SRecorder  and all its components, you need to perform the following tasks:

  • Go to the SRecorder  installation folder and click Uninstall SRecorder
  • Click Yes  to Uninstall SRecorder

  • Wait until all the SRecorder  files and components are removed from your computer
  • SRecorder  has been successfully uninstalled, click OK  to finish

  • After the uninstallation process is finished, you arerecommended to restart your computer.